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  1. Brother Caldwell:
    Fantastic article on the Big Bang‼ (Can the Big Bang Explain Star Formation?) I learned a lot … maybe those guys should rename their tv show >> NO BB Theory 😉
    My book tackles the age of the earth and evolution (ch. 3):
    Feedback welcome ±
    Here’s my latest on CC:
    Blessings, Jay ╬ Is. 54:2
    Asst. Math Prof. – Howard College
    contra BB >>

  2. Great article! Thank you for sharing. Theistic evolution and progressive creationism are growing like wildfire in the Vineyard Movement. It is very disheartening. I just released a short film about the issues with theistic evolution and evolution in the church and in the public school.

    I’d love to hear your feedback if you have the time.

    It can be watched for free at: HowDidWeGetHereMovie(dot)com

    Thanks again!

    Sincerely & Godspeed,

    • William, thanks for the comment. I viewed your short film. I think the only thing we agree on is that neither evolution nor theistic evolution is true. I don’t agree with your approach that we should use “Empirical Agnosticism” because it’s not true that we “don’t know” where we came from. We know clearly because creation testifies to God, (Psalm 19.1) as does the book God gave us, the Bible.

      Also you state that “When attempting to scientifically answer the question ‘How Did We Get Here?’, do not forget that evolution, creation, and theistic evolution all require faith.” In so doing your imply your method – which is akin to scientism (truth is known only through science) if not outright scientism also requires faith. But you seem not to recognize that.

      So I can’t recommend your approach or conclusion. I believe God’s testimony to himself is very clear. The only reason people don’t recognize it is because they’re busy suppressing the truth (Rom 1.18) so they can continue in their wickedness without being bothered by the testimony of their conscience. I encourage you to peruse this site. Perhaps you’ll find evidence to persuade you that the only rational answer to the question, “where did we come from?” is Gen 1.1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

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