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Answer to the question:
Here's the location of the bones

For the two sample bones, the question was do you know to what dinosaur they belong, and where on the dinosaur it belongs?
The above scapula bone belongs on this dinosaur, Jane a Nanotyrannus (Possibly a Juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex - there's still debate which.) currently on display at the Burpee Museum, Rockford, IL
It is part of the shoulder bone.

"... the Scapular blade - the shoulder blade that extends up the back..."

Dr. Paul Sereno
University of Chicago

The Mystery Dinosaur Science Channel Documentary, 2006


Did you get the first one?
If so, is it because you had a picture to work from?
(Recall the ancients didn't have a multiple choice menu to choose from.)

How about the next one?


This is the other bone.
It is identified as a quadratojugal bone. (Part of the jaw bone)
Scott Williams, of the Burpee Museum, places it in front of the approximate location where it belongs on the skull of Jane, the Nanotyrannus or Juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Burpee Museum of Natural History, Rockford, IL

The Mystery Dinosaur Science Channel Documentary, 2006

Having gone through this little exercise, do you really believe ancient people spent hours and hours figuring out how to reconstruct dinosaur bones so they could them paint them on cave walls or carve them? Is not the simpler answer that they painted them on cave walls and carved them because they saw live dinosaurs?

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