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Jay Hall
6 years ago

Brother Caldwell:
Fantastic article on the Big Bang‼ (Can the Big Bang Explain Star Formation?) I learned a lot … maybe those guys should rename their tv show >> NO BB Theory 😉
My book tackles the age of the earth and evolution (ch. 3):
Feedback welcome ±
Here’s my latest on CC:
Blessings, Jay ╬ Is. 54:2
Asst. Math Prof. – Howard College
contra BB >>

William Herath
William Herath
5 years ago

Great article! Thank you for sharing. Theistic evolution and progressive creationism are growing like wildfire in the Vineyard Movement. It is very disheartening. I just released a short film about the issues with theistic evolution and evolution in the church and in the public school.

I’d love to hear your feedback if you have the time.

It can be watched for free at: HowDidWeGetHereMovie(dot)com

Thanks again!

Sincerely & Godspeed,

1 year ago

Thank you for your articles/insights. I have ultimately come to believe that the discussion of Lisle’s ASC is a non-starter, a complete waste of time. You have rightly pointed out that the only physical reality of our Universe is found in its 2-way light speed construction. Lisle takes Einstein out of context when he says Einstein agreed that the one-way speed of light could be stipulated. Einstein never would have let the discussion end there because he know that while an arbitrary one-way stipulation might be true, the only true physical reality of light speed was in its 2-way construction.… Read more »