Truth Conference

Creation Truth Conference - Oct 8-9, 2021
Creation Truth Conference
A.T. Olson Chapel Trinity International University,
2065 Half Day Road, Bannockburn, IL

Friday, Oct 8: DEBATE
7:00 pm –  Debate “What Should We Think About The Genealogical Adam and Eve?
Author:      Dr. Joshua Swamidass, Assoc Professor at Washington University
Response: Dr. Marcus Ross,, Center for Creation Studies at Liberty University
Moderator: Dr. Richard Averbeck, OT Professor at Trinity Evangelical Divity School

Saturday, Oct 9: CONFERENCE
8:00 am – Doors open for registration, Free Coffee and water available
9:00 am – Dr. Marcus Ross – “How Fossils Affirm a Worldwide Flood*”*
10:00 am – Dr. John Baumgardner – “How Geology Affirms a Worldwide Flood”
11:15 am – Breakout Sessions – 3 to choose from
12:30 pm – Lunch / Resource table open
1:30 pm – Dr. Danny Faulkner – “How Astronomy Affirms a Young Creation”
2:30 pm – Breakout Sessions – 3 to choose from
4:00 pm – Panel Discussion and Group Q&AConference Speakers Marcus Ross, John Baumbardner, Danny Faulkner
5:00 pm – Close of conference

Box lunches are available for purchase with on-line registration ($12.50).
Cut off for purchasing box lunches is October 4, 2021. Box lunches may not be available for purchase the day of the conference, based on availability.
There are several places to get lunch close to A.T. Olson Chapel or you can bring a lunch. PLEASE NOTE: No food is allowed in the chapel, only in designated eating areas.


Parking available on campus – all designated spots except lots for housing areas.

Pre-Register at
$25 – Adults reregistered by Oct 4. Includes Debate ($30 at the door)
$2 – All full time students – please pre-register
$49 – Family special (2 adults and kids)
$15 – Debate night only – please preregisterSponsored by:
Biology & Chemistry Department of TIU,
Midwest Creation Fellowship and Creation Summit
Download Creation Truth Conference Flier ready for printing or posting