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Beyonce Celebrates:

Children are used as  pawns:
News coverage of "the Best and worst reactions" cast to support the decision
Polygamy - next in line
Followers of Islam burns the gay pride flag
Dukes of Hazard recast:
Gay TV personality Ellen DeGeneris thanked:
Counter reply: True Meaning of Love Wins
Warning: Offensive, obscene language used to describe opponents
Twitter Corporate rejoices
Gay Pride Parades
Tax Exemption for churches targeted:
Even the white house ill-advisedly  joins the celebration :
Up Next: Polygamy
Counter reply: Questioning the wisdom of taking God's symbol
Starbucks Celebrates:
Counter reply: Cross, John 3.16
Counter reply: Rainbow flag - the pride that comes before the fall
New Hashtag at Twitter Corporate
Counter reply: RC Sproul: Sin - cosmic treason Spit in the face of a well known priest Obama, biden with gay flags Hillary
Taking aim at the rest of the world



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