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Is the Shroud of Turin Authentic? Evidence





Conclusion of STRP (The Shroud of Turin Research Project)

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Ken Stevenson, STRP (Shroud of Turin Research Project) member, co-author - Verdict on the Shroud

Conclusions of STRP (Shroud of Turin Research Project)

 - What appears to be blood is in fact human blood
The image on the Shroud:
- Image elements are dehydrated cellulose - fibers that had aged more than the other fibers, though the mechanism for that is unknown.
- The image is a surface phenomenon (doesn't penetrate the fibers like paint)
- No directionality
- No deeper than 2-4 fibrils into the fabric
- No artificial pigments, paints or dyes used to create the image
- Is chemically and thermally stable
- The image is that of a crucified human
- There is no technologically feasible explanation for the image on the shroud (emphasis added)

STRP - Unable to determine how the image got on the cloth

Evidence for article:
Is the Shroud of Turin Authentic - The Unconsidered Evidence

Ken Stevenson
Behold the Man!
Trinity Broadcasting Network, 1985
Starting time ref: about 42:20

Unwrapping the Shroud: New Evidence
Discovery Channel Documentary, 2008
Starting time ref: about 10:10