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Is The Shroud of Turin Authentic? Or is it a forgery?

Duane C on 8/16/19:

This is a thorough write up, but unless I missed it, I don't think you covered one of the most convincing evidences for authenticity for the Shroud produced by supporters. That being the alleged 3D information embedded in the Shroud. Documentaries such as "Behold the Man: The Shroud of Turin", (TBN Documentary, 1985) claim there is 3D info embedded in the shroud which produces a real 3D image of the face (and I believe the entire body) when analyzed by NASA's VP-8 image analyzer. 3D information is not contained in 2D images when analyzed by the VP-8. Thus the claim is that the resurrection somehow embedded the information in the Shroud. It's also claimed we have no idea how a medieval forgery could have embedded such 3D info. Can you comment?

Matthew Cserhati August 17th, 2019:
Thanks for your question. Think about how a Mercator projection is created by placing a globe inside a cylinder of paper and then projecting the three-dimensional globe onto the paper. This creates a two-dimensional map when the cylinder is unrolled and flattened out. We see every single continent on such a projection, but the northern-most and southern-most areas are stretched and distorted. If a cloth was draped over a face, which is more or less cylindrical in shape, there would be a similar stretching, but instead of north and south, the distortion would be left-to-right when the sheet was flattened. If any kind of "three-dimensional information" was embedded into the Shroud, we'd have to see the sides of Jesus' head. Where are His ears? Instead, the image of the man in the Shroud looks like a two-dimensional painting of a face-on view of a man. Thus, the image could not have been produced by any draping or wrapping of the cloth around a face. The body-portion of the image has similar problems for the "3D" hypothesis, but the face is most obvious.

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Matthew Cserhati and Rob Carter, "Is The Shroud of Turin Authentic? Or is it a forgery?", CMI, 16 August 2019, https://creation.com/turin-shroud