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Is the Shroud of Turin Authentic?

Supplemental Evidence 01 - The wrapping of the head covering (soudarion), and the difference between the linen cloth (the shroud), and the binding clothes (keiria)





CMI and others take issue with the fact that the body was not wrapped in the shroud.

Below, Mark Guscin shows how the shroud was first placed over the face and then removed. The pictures below show both the shroud - the covering linen cloth οθονιον -(othonion); and the wrapping clothes (κειρια  keiria)

Mark Guscin - How the Shroud was folded

Mark Guscin -
Historian and Shroud Researcher
Demonstrates how the sudarium might have been folded on the head.


Below various depictions of how Lazarus came out of the tomb after Jesus raised him from the dead. Of course he comes out wrapped in his burial clothes  that show both the large linen shroud, and the wrappings that kept the shroud on the body. Notice the head covering - the σουδαριον  soudarion) has already been removed (as described by Guscin above


Below Lazarus as depicted in the movie:  Jesus (1999)


Below: Lazarus as depicted in the movie: The Gospel of John (2003)

Below: Lazarus as depicted in the movie: Jesus of Nazareth (1977)


Notice: In each case there is a large cloth that is bound and kept in place by narrow, long clothes. The large cloth would be the shroud; the narrow ones are the wrapping clothes (κειρια  keiria). These biblical moves are all aware of the keiria clothes.  It's inexplicable why CMI makes no mention of the keiria wrapping clothes - the very ones they're looking for.


Evidence for article:
Is the Shroud of Turin Authentic - The Unconsidered Evidence

Secrets of the Shroud
Pioneer Productions Documentary, 2004
Starting time mark: about 28:25

Movie:  Jesus (1999)  time mark: about 53:52

Movie: The Gospel of John (2003) time mark: about 1:38:34

 Movie: Jesus of Nazareth (1977) time mark about 43:22