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Meme: Accepting evolution undermines morality
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There are a number of problems with this one. Let's start with the evolutionist's selective attention. In the picture the evolutionist would prefer to present, he shows elephants protecting a female as it gives birth. That's all fine and good, but what if we chose other scenes, like the one I chose above, where one wolf appears ready for a fight in order to steal the food from another. In the animal kingdom, might makes right, so if a bear comes to your tent trying to steal your food, are you going to lecture it about it being wrong and immoral to steal food? Bigger animals have no qualms exerting their will over weaker ones. And they don't worry about the dictates of morality when they do it. (As far as we know.) Thus if morals "evolves" as the evolutionist claims it does, it's a very limited, very corrupt one.

But there's an even bigger problem: What we've been discussing are really behaviors not morals. Elephants may behave in a moral way, but that doesn't mean they're doing so because they recognize the morality in doing so. What the evolutionist doesn't realize is, in claiming moralize evolve, he's saying there are no absolute morals - there are no things that are always right or always wrong.  This leads to many problems like relative morality - where there is no morality;  or conventionalism - where one society may say murder is wrong, while another says it's okay. If you want to insist morals are not absolute and "evolve" how do you deal with morals that evolve in a manner most would consider detrimental? For instance, rape is not unknown in the animal kingdom, and evolutionists recognize it could help build populations. Is rape then "moral" because it helps build the population of the group?

I won't belabor this point because I've already written an entire article on it. for more, see my article  The Moral Argument Revealer of Hypocrites.

Meme by Duane Caldwell 2017
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