Meme Mistakes

UnMasking Mistakes behind the Memes for Evolution

aka Evolutionist Misconceptions

List of Topics and Links

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are supposed “common creationist misconceptions.” Evolutionist are mistaken about many of their contentions, and these articles below explain why. So without further ado, here are evolutionist misconceptions and why the evolutionists are wrong.

Have a meme that supports evolution that you’d like busted? Send me a link here.


Accepting evolution undermines morality*
 Link to this topic:

Standalone page: Accepting-evolution-undermines-morality.htm

Bird wings could not have evolved. A wing stub won’t help you fly.*
Stand alone page: Bird-wings-could-not-have-evolved.htm

Meme: DNA is a code. Codes are written by an intelligence*
Link to this topic:
Stand alone page:DNA-is-a-code.htm

Evolution can’t explain how life started*
Stand alone page: Evolution-can’t-explain-how-life-started.htm

Evolution has never been observed *
Stand alone page: Evolution-has-never-been-observed.htm

Evolution is not science *
Stand alone page: Evolution-is-not-science.htm

Evolution is the belief that we evolved from a rock*
Stand alone page: Evolution-is-the-belief-that-we-evolved-from-a-rock.htm

Language can’t evolve*
Link to this topic:

Stand alone page: Language-cant-evolve.htm

Something can’t come from nothing *
Stand alone page: Something-can’t-come-from-nothing.htm

Speciation is not evolution *
Stand alone page: Speciation-is-not-evolution.htm

When the first human evolved, was it male of female?*
Stand alone page: When-the-first-human-evolved-was-it-male-or-female.htm

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Evolution  can’t answer this.*
Stand alone page: Chicken-or-the-egg-Which-came-first-evolution-cant-answer.htm

The eye is too complex to have evolved.*
Link to this topic:

Stand alone page: Eye-too-complex-to-evolve.htm

The rocks date the fossils and the fossils date the rocks*
Link to this topic:
Stand alone page: Fossil-dating-circular-reasoning-Rocks-date-fossils-vice-versa.htm

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