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Meme: "Evolution is the belief that we evolved from a rock"
Excerpted from: http://rationalfaith.com/2017/03/unmasking-mistakes-in-memes-of-evolution-part-2/#meme_evolvedfrom_rock

Here we see problem #1: the denial of a basic evolutionary belief.

Let's rehearse the Big Bang/Evolutionary beginning  to see why. According to the theory, the Big Bang goes bang creating mostly hydrogen and helium. The hydrogen supposedly collapses into a star - meaning nuclear fusion is active, which creates heavier elements.  When the nuclear fuel is exhausted the star explodes spewing out stellar dust and the aforementioned heavier elements which become seeds in the next generation of stars for even heavier elements.  Pay attention to what happens to the stellar dust (from which rocks are made). According to the evolutionist story telling:

"Much of the ancient star dust is sucked into the sun, never to be seen again. But the leftovers clump together to form comets, asteroids, planets and eventually life."[1]

Thus out of the rocky planets that have formed from the stellar dust and rock, life emerges. This is what evolutions claim, not creationists. Here is a link to  Neil deGrasse Tyson, host of the Cosmos reboot "Cosmos: A spacetime Odyssey" claiming we're all "star dust". 

I suppose some will quibble over whether "star dust" is the same as "rocks", particularly since Genesis states we were made by God from the "dust of the ground" (Gen 2.7) (not star dust - no stars existed yet). So to be precise, here is a video clip of astrophysicist and evolutionist Dr. Michelle Thaller, waxing eloquent on thinking of herself  as a "very complicated rock"[2] and that we're all cousins to the rocks in a mountain side:

So this claim - that evolutionists believe we evolved from rocks - come from evolutionists themselves. When you think about it, it's a natural conclusion since evolutionists must necessarily believe the Nebular Theory[3] as the origin of  rocky planets (or else they're back to creation). When all you have to start with is a rocky planet (oceans didn't come until millions of years later - see here from Lessons from Pluto on why) what else can you say except we evolved from rocks?

When evolutionists stop claiming we evolved from rocks, creationists can stop pointing out evolutionists claim we evolved from rocks.


1.Narrator, How the Universe Works episode "Dawn of Life", Science channel/Discovery Communications documentary, 2015

2. Michelle Thaller, ref. from How the Universe Works episode "Dawn of Life"

3. For more on the Nebular theory (aka nebular hypothesis) see http://rationalfaith.com/2017/01/lessons-from-pluto/#nebularhypothesis


Michelle Thaller By NASA Goddard Space Flight Center [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons