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Maximo the Titanosaur at the Chicago Field Museum

Maximo the Titanosaur at the Chicago Field Museum

Introducing  Museum Tours from a Christian Perspective: Sonlight Tours

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Museums not only present a wealth of objects and information, they do so from a secular, evolutionary worldview. Tired of millions of years and endless evolutionary story telling? Take a Sonlight tour and get a God-honoring perspective of His creation.

During your Sonlight tour, we’ll point out how to understand exhibits from a biblical, Christian worldview. And we’ll point out what is conspicuously absent due to the secular worldviews most museums adhere to. We’ll also provide “extras” both to enhance your tour experience, and for those who want to go a bit deeper. What’s an extra? Extras are additional online material (videos, pictures, articles) prepared particularly to enhance a Christian understanding of the various exhibits. They’re accessible from a mobile device via a keyword given during your tour. Since we’re sure you won’t remember them all, a list of keywords will be presented after the tour as both a souvenir and as a resource for future reference. Want to test the access from your mobile device? Go here and enter keyword: test.

And here’s the best part, as a Rational Faith reader, you’ll get discounted pricing when you or your friends signup for a tour. On the ticket page, enter discount code rfguest21, and you’ll be taken to a page that offers 10% off 1 ticket; 20% of 2 or more.

We’re excited to offer this service to the world, and particularly to the Christian community and home schoolers who have taken extra steps to insure their children learn the truth. This is a great way for them to appreciate public museums without getting beaten over the head with secular viewpoints that deny the clear teaching of scripture.

Tours are by appointment. Servicing the Chicago area. (Chicago Field Museum, with the Milwaukee Public Museum and the Kenosha Public Museum coming online son.)

Learn more at the Sonlight Tours site. Ready to schedule a tour? Go to the scheduling page here.