Is the Bible full of fantastic creatures? Part 5: Seers

The prophets Isaiah and Moses @ The Creation Museum

Up next in our series on what  I’m calling fantastic creatures – creatures which some people believe don’t exist, and thus they conclude the Bible is full of fairy stories and make believe – is seers.  This is from a list posted to a tweet:

“He follows a holy book with a jealous & genocidal god, ghosts, zombies, seers, devils, demons, witches, satyrs, unicorns, talking animals, a man who lived in a fish and a 7 headed dragon.”[1]
(Not listed but also already covered: The Cockatrice)

For this one, it is not a terminology issue, or a translation issue,  or a misunderstanding of Biblical genres of anything of that sort. This is squarely a worldview issue.  There’s a simple question to answer to demonstrate that fact: Continue Reading