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Meme: Evolution can't explain how all animal phyla suddenly appeared in the Cambrian explosion.
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 "Evolution can't explain how all animal phyla suddenly appeared in the Cambrian explosion

Informally, Phyla, (singular phylum from the Greek), "can be thought of as groupings of organisms based on general specialization of body plan."[2] Body plans can be thought of as the design of how the collection of body components are put together. For example, the body plan of  horse - 4 legs, long body and neck; is different from the body plan of a human: 2 legs, 2 arms, short body, short neck.  If you were to compare body plans; the body plan of a horse is closer to that of a lama than it is to a human for example. The body plan of a bird is radically different from all of those.

Now consider the point being made: Evolution cannot explain how body plans came about. Now look at the defense given in the meme above: He speaks of how long the Cambrian Explosion lasted - which is irrelevant; then he talks about the number of  species - also irrelevant.  Then he talks about phyla which are similar, like our comparison of which the horse is closer to a lama or a human - also irrelevant. Notice what he never answers: He never answers the question of the origin of the body plans. Where do the body plans - however many you think there are - come from? He doesn't answer that because evolutionists have no clue. They are not encoded in DNA[3], and even if they were, random mutations could not create them. Philosopher of Biology Paul Nelson states:

"If the only kind of mutations that can conceivably produce enough morphological change to alter whole body plans never causes beneficial and heritable changes, then it is difficult to see how mutation and selection could ever produce new body plans in the first place."[4]

Clearly evolutionists have no clue where body plans come from, yet they're too blind or too hardened in their evolutionary faith to admit it.

Duane Caldwell | posted 5 July, 2017


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3. Research Biologist Jonathan Wells states:
"The body plan, as far as we know, is not in the DNA."
ref from: Darwin's Dilemma: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record, Illustra documentary DVD, 2009

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