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Meme: Speciation is not evolution
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"Speciation is not Evolution"

Once again definitions are the key. This meme has a lot of red herrings so let's start by clarifying the main claim. The primary claim here is that  creationists don't know what they're talking about when they say that "speciation is not evolution." So let's be clear about what we're talking about:

  • Creationists are referring to molecules-to-man-evolution when referring to evolution .
  • Speciation aka Variation aka Microevolution deals with minor changes within a Biblical kind.
  • Evolution aka Darwinian evolution aka Macroevolution deals with large scale changes from one kind to other kind, such as from bacterium to biologist which has never been observed.

Clearly defined,  evolution (molecules-to-man) is not merely Variation (or speciation or minor changes within a kind); thus creationists who make that claim are correct - once all terms are defined and understood. When clarified in this manner it is obvious that microevolution is not macroevolution.

All the other verbiage is a distraction. Evolutionists like to talk about alleles as a distraction[4] but they are not necessary for this discussion. [5] Evolutionist also claim microevolution and macroevolution are the same (as this meme claims) but they are not. For details see Microevolution: Dispelling the Myths and Misconceptions


Duane Caldwell | posted 4 March, 2017

Excerpted from:
Mistakes in Memes of Evolution Part 1

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4. For more on the distractions evolutionists use, like "variations in allele frequencies", see the graphic "Evolutionary wheel meaning of Fortune" Full article here

5. For more on Microevolution and Macroevolution see http://rationalfaith.com/2016/08/microevolution-dispelling-the-myths-and-misconceptions/

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