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Meme: Evolution can't explain how life started
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This is a rather disingenuous response. Once again we see evolutionists trying to hide the failure of evolution to explain the origin of life behind definitions.  It is correct that Darwinian evolution necessarily begins with two reproducing members of a species; without which natural selection has nothing to select from. As noted neo-evolutionist  Theodosius Dobzhansky put it: "Prebiological natural selection is a contradiction of terms."[8] Put another way: without pre-existing life, Darwinian evolution is impossible.

There are only two options for the origin of life: Either God initiated it or some material process initiated without God's intervention. The process apart from God - whatever the details may be - is called "evolution." Aside from these two options, there is no other option for the origin of life.  Darwinists[9] don't believe God initiated all life. Thus they are left with the only other option - some process - typically called chemical evolution or abiogenesis - as the origin of life; but these terms are included as part of the generic term "evolution". Thus to say "evolution" doesn't attempt to explain the origin of life is to equivocate on the meaning of the word "evolution":  pointing to Darwinian evolution while denying they believe in  Chemical evolution aka abiogenesis - which they must believe in to explain the origin of life since they deny God's intervention.[10] Note also the propensity to claim evolution as a "fact" - another  equivocation on micro vs. macro evolution (see the above meme on that).


Duane Caldwell

Excerpted from:
Mistakes in Memes of Evolution Part 1

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8.  Theodosius Dobzhansky quoted by Jonathan Sarfati, "The Greatest Hoax on Earth - Refuting Dawkins on Evolution" Atlanta, GA: Creation Book Publishers 2010, p.228

9. Darwinists who are purists are in view here, not those who are confused and believe in theistic evolution.

10. When not trying to hide the fact that evolution has no explanation for the origin of life, evolutionists freely admit they have no idea how life originated. As one documentary notes: "Man continues to seek answers to this extraordinary mystery of 'How Life Began'" 
Narrator, How Life Began, History documentary, 2008

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