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Meme: "Language can't evolve"
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Once again I'm driven to wonder if evolutionists are feigning ignorance, or if they really think this addresses the multiple problems presented by language. Let's start with the first and most obvious mistake. The claim creationists make is not that language can't change, or "evolve" as he puts it above. Of course  language can change. The claim is the origin of language (and languages) - of which there are many - none of whose origin can be explained by the material processes of evolution.

Why not? We run again into the code issue.  So let's list a few of the problems.
1) Language is coded information. As I said above, I'll say it again: the material processes of evolution cannot develop the immaterial concepts of languages and codes. It's simply impossible.

2) Evolution can develop neither the code nor the specialized part of the brain that that handles that code that is key to encoding language (Broca's area).

3) Evolution can develop neither the code nor the specialized part of the brain that handles that intelligence that is key to decoding language (Wernicke’s area).

4) For both of these abilities to be useful, they would need to be developed simultaneously, which of course would require planning and foresight to do so. Such planning and foresight are of course elements of design, which of course is not and cannot be part of any evolutionary process.

Therefore evolution is wholly, and totally an  inadequate explanation for the origin and use of language. For further detail, see my article: Can Evolution Explain the Origin of Language?

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