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Meme: How come evolution stopped?
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"How come evolution stopped?"

Here the evolutionists are caught on the horns of another dilemma. They want desperately for evolution to be considered a hard science. Yet to be a hard science, the item being studied must be observed. But evolution - molecules to man evolution - is not observable. Again this is a rather obvious fact. Nevertheless, they object strenuously when you point out that molecules to man macro-evolution[5] is not a science because it can't be observed.[6] To that objection - that evolution is never observed happening - evolutionists claim, it is happening, it's just too slow to be observed.

Well they can't have it both ways.  For evolution to be science it must be observable. But if it's too slow to be observed, you can't then say, it's really happening, you just can't see it.  That is not science. That is no different from saying, there really are dark matter aliens[7], it's just that we can't see dark matter, and we can't see aliens in general because they're too far away. In both cases neither are science. They are clearly just story telling because science requires observation. In neither of these cases is there any hard observations of what they claim. Evolutionists simply do not want to accept the fact that what they claim to be science is really nothing more than a faith based religion in things they cannot observe - complete with all the trappings - faith: behavior shaping doctrine, a way to express  your identity, outrage over denials of the faith, etc.

Duane Caldwell | posted 5 July, 2017


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5. For the difference between Microevolution and Macroevolution see: Microevolution: Dispelling the Myths and misconceptions : http://rationalfaith.com/2016/08/microevolution-dispelling-the-myths-and-misconceptions/

6. See Meme Mistake "Evolution is not science" here:

7. For more on Dark Matter and dark matter aliens, see: The Expanding Big Bang Fairy Tale


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