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Meme: Something can't come from nothing
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"Something can't come from Nothing"

This is more a concern for Big Bang believers, but since it's presented with the memes of evolution, and since evolution cannot be true if the Big Bang isn't true (which it isn't) I'll address it.  This can  be approached from two perspectives: the logical errors, and the physical impossibilities.

Logical Errors: Let's start with the admission that "empty space does not actually mean nothing."  Thus what a creationist means when talking about "nothing" is typically different from what a evolutionist or big bang believer means - the creationist means absolutely nothing. Thus already we see an equivocation on the word "nothing"

Next, let's look at what is known as a category error.  The mistake: treating something as if it were nothing. Simply put: something that exists is not the same as something which does not exist. They don't get to claim "quantum fluctuations" did anything if they are truly "nothing"; meaning - lacking existence. The problem is "quantum fluctuations" are in fact something that exists -  which they treat as nothing - and thus the fallacy and the failure of the theory:  they don't really start from nothing.  They can't talk about them popping into and out of existence in space because "space" is not "nothing." Which brings us to the next category of errors.

Physical errors: The big bang theory claims the universe began out of an explosion from an infinitely small (note: infinitely small=nothing) dot  containing "all the energy that will ever be in our universe"[11]  in an event called "the singularity." What evolutionists and big bang believers fail to understand is that before the big bang, nothing  - meaning absolutely nothing - existed[12].  Therefore none of what they claim happens, can happen - because there is no space, time, matter or energy for it to happen with, and in.  They can't talk about quantum fluctuations popping into existence because there is no "existence." Nothing exists - including quantum fluctuations and space itself.  Thus there is also no space for fluctuations to pop into. The recent detection of gravitational waves proves Einstein was right in viewing space as a "fabric." So likewise, they can't talk about fluctuations or dark energy in "space" before the big bang because 1. Before the singularity there was no place for "space"  to exist in (remember, space came into  existence with the big bang) and 2. If there is energy (as it is claimed for dark energy) it is still "something," not nothing. Einstein proved this in his famous equation E=mc2 which shows that matter (m) and energy (E)[13]  are different manifestations of the same thing. Those things on either side of the equation are not "nothing." Thus dark energy (if it exists), like space, is not "nothing."

If anyone claims the universe came from nothing, you'll understand they're either ignorant of the truth - not understanding what "nothing" is; or they're  just another big bang magician, performing feats of flawed logic and science. For more on such errors, see Exposing the Big Magic behind the Big Bang and More Big Bang Magic Tricks - Shadows and Waves


And so concludes the unmasking of  this first group of misleading evolutionary memes. Remember a running list of all these can be found at http://rationalfaith.com/mememistakes/.  If there's an evolutionary meme you'd like to see unmasked in a future article, send me a link to it here.


Duane Caldwell

Excerpted from:
Mistakes in Memes of Evolution Part 1

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11. Narrator, Morgan Freeman's Through the Wormhole episode "What happened before the beginning?", Science documentary, 2010

12. Physicist Michio Kaku affirms “The Big Bang is the origin of space and the origin of time itself.”
How The Universe Works
episode “Big Bang”  Discovery documentary, 2010


13. In the equation  E=mc2 , E = energy, m = mass and c=speed of the light (or c= 186,000 miles/sec) you'll note that c is squared, which gives an extremely large number and so for a little bit of mass a lot of energy is released. This explains the power behind nuclear weapons.

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