Human and Dino tracks and Why Atheists Can’t Find Evidence of God – Part 2

Alvis Delk Human Dinosaur footprints at the Creation Evidence Museum

Before we get to the meat of the matter, I’m sure some are wondering “Where is Part 1?”  Sometimes a better name for an article occurs to you after you’ve already published it. Such is the case with the previous article, which should have been titled something like:

Why Atheists Can’t Find Evidence of God (Part 1)
Why Atheists Can’t Find Evidence of Intelligent Design
Why Evolutionists Can’t Find Evidence of Creation

And while in this digital age of online publishing though it is possible to change the title, it still seems a bit unseemly, so I have left it with the original title. But for those who are wondering where Part 1 is, that’s where it is, titled with a question meant to get you thinking about one of the main reasons why atheists can’t find evidence of God (and why evolutions can’t find evidence of intelligent design.)

Part 1 lays out two reasons why atheists can’t find either evidence of God or Intelligent design; and in similar fashion why evolutionists can’t find evidence of Creation. Those reasons are:

1. You can’t find what you deny exists
…because even if given evidence
2. You’ll deny the evidence you’re given is evidence
…because you deny in the first place that the item exists

Thus the first two items lead to a vicious cycle of denial. That assumes of course you’re willing to look at the evidence.  This article picks up at that point with the third reason atheists can’t find evidence of either God or Intelligent Design, which is akin to why evolutionists can’t find evidence of creation. That reason is  because:

3.  Sometimes people refuse to look at the evidence.

At the dawn of the information age when it was recognized that the more information you had, the better decisions and judgments you could make, this might have seemed surprising. But in this current age of echo chambers, and some college students wanting “safe places” so as not to be confronted with ideas contrary to their own, it shouldn’t be too surprising that many refuse to even look at evidence that challenges their worldview and long held assumptions. At a time when the mis-educated or un-educated believe that first amendment guarantees of free speech ends when it comes to speech that offends them or goes against their beliefs, it should not be surprising that some would refuse to even look at evidence that contradicts their cherished worldview.

For those who recognize that science is built upon observable, testable, confirmable evidence,  you may find it hard to believe that any who call themselves scientists would take this approach. But what you fail to factor into the equation is that when it comes to evolution in particular (and perhaps to a lesser degree other secular theories such as the big bang), such beliefs are held not with the malleability required by the scientific process, but rather with the unbending rigidity of religious fervor by their adherents. (I pointed this out in “What is Religion? Does Evolution Qualify? Atheism?“) And since most evolutionists are more interested in protecting and defending the faith of Darwinian evolution than looking honestly at evidence that might refute it, it should come as no surprise that some simply refuse to look at evidence that might disprove their religion of evolution. (The same dynamic is at work for atheists – since many Darwinists start as, or wind up as atheists.)

“What is your evidence of this?” you ask since I speak of evidence. I could point to instances online where evolutionists and atheists proudly declare to the world they refuse to read creationist material or check evidence. But instead, let me start with evidence that confirms all three points – points made in both the previous article and this one.

Let us consider the age of the earth. Both Big Bang believers and Darwinian adherents would have you believe the earth is some 4.5 billion years old. They have settled on a date of 65 million years ago as the time when the last dinosaurs roamed the earth before they were supposedly wiped out (by an asteroid most secularists would tell you). Early man – homo erectus – appeared supposedly around 1.3 – 1.8 million years ago, and modern man – homo sapiens – appeared merely 200,000 years ago. Therefore according to the modern secular theories it is impossible for man and dinosaurs to have existed together since dinosaurs supposedly died out more than 60 million years before man existed. To find evidence of dinosaurs and humans together would both destroy evolutionary theory, and confirm Genesis 1.24-31 – which relates the account of the creation of all land creatures – which would include dinosaurs (or dragons as the KJV calls them) and humans on day six. And secularists of course can’t have that, so they vehemently deny dinosaurs and humans ever existed together despite ample evidence.

But if humans and dinosaurs never co-existed, what are we to make of foot prints of human and dinosaur together such as in the featured picture above? Here then is my evidence: Atheists and Evolutionists alike will both deny that this is a genuine picture of a “…Dinosaur footprint (Acrocanthosaurus) and an eleven-inch human footprint intruded by the dinosaur print.”[1] They will claim it’s a forgery (carvings or some other artwork technique used to create it). Never mind the fact that pains were taken to verify its authenticity:

“Over 800 X-ray images document density changes within the rock that correspond precisely with the fossil footprints. Of course, carvings would show no corresponding structures beneath them. The existence of following contours beneath the fossil footprints dramatically demonstrate the authenticity of both tracks.”[2]

Thus the point I make in the previous article – you can’t find what you deny exists. Atheists and evolutionists will never acknowledge any evidence that refutes evolutionary theory since they believe none exists (Point #1). And since atheists and evolutionists deny dinosaurs and humans existed together, and therefore there could be no such evidence of that,  they don’t recognize these tracks as evidence – for them it’s just a forgery, thus proving point #2 – they deny evidence provided is evidence. Onto point #3 – some refuse to even look at the evidence:

In his Creation Series videos, Kent Hovind relates the account of an evolutionist who refused to look at evidence smilar to the above. He reads a letter from a friend – an associate pastor at First Southern Baptist Church in Cottonwood, Arizona. The pastor relates that as a high school student, he went on an excavation with Dr. Carl Baugh (whose Creation Evidence Museum houses the above ichnofossil as they’re called[3]). In the letter he writes:

“I (went) on an excavation with Dr. Carl Baugh. … We followed the footprints of a man which were beside a dinosaur’s footprints. It was as if the man were walking with the dinosaur…


NOVA was there to film the dig. There was also an evolutionist there who had been arguing with Dr. Baugh the entire time.


“Nova didn’t film much of the tracks of our dig, but they did interview this evolutionist. [He] told them he had not seen anything to disprove evolution. What he didn’t tell the camera was that he had refused to even turn around and look at the tracks we had been working on. He stood with his back to the dig and the tracks while making these statements.”[4]

There you have it. The evolutionist wasn’t interested in seeing what he knew would disprove evolution, and NOVA wasn’t interested in reporting on either the human – dinosaur tracks or the evolutionist’s refusal to look at them. And thus my point number 3: Sometimes people refuse to look at the evidence. And the corollary is, secular scientists and sources (like NOVA) feel no compelling need (no journalistic/scientific/personal integrity need) to present all the evidence – particularly when the evidence goes against their secular theories, and especially when it goes against their sacred theory of evolution.

Of late, conservatives and Christians have been accusing social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter of hiding or “shadow-banning” conservative and Christian content. Welcome to the club people. Creation material has been banned – and literally outlawed from schools[5] and effectively shadow-banned from various media outlets for years. They simply don’t want to see the evidence. Which makes one wonder: if the evidence for evolution is so strong, why does evidence of creation (and intelligent design) need to be hidden and effectively shadow-banned?  It’s one thing to correct an incorrect theory. For example the helio centered solar system theory won over the geo-centered theory on the power of the evidence combined with the simplicity of the theory. (No epicycles needed, chalk another win up for Occam’s razor.) But no one tries to hide the evidence formerly used to support an earth centered solar system. The theories and evidence of Ptolemy’s system are readily available. If  the evidence for dinosaur human co-existence is so obviously wrong, why do secularists need to hide it (outlaw it from schools for example) while others refuse to look at it?

Update 1/5/2019

At the request of a reader, Creation Ministries International (CMI) has revisited the above featured Delk ichnofossil. Once again they state:

“I believe there are too many questions surrounding this artefact for it be useful as an apologetic evidence.”
Tas Walker
The Alvis Delk human-dino footprints artefact

Note two things:
1. The apologetic evidence they are referring to is evidence of dinosaurs and humans living together. The main point this article makes is that secularists often won’t look at the evidence. That point is a separate point – unaffected by whether or not this particular artifact is genuine.  

2. Regarding whether human / Dino tracts likely exists,  when asked, “How likely do you think it is that there might be evidence found some day showing dinosaur and human footprints that could be used as an apologetic evidence?”Dr Walker responds:

“I think it is possible. It may already exist but have been dismissed by being misinterpreted.”

It’s also possible such evidence has been refused to be examined per the above article or is actively being suppressed. Just as biblical teaching such as the Ten Commandments is actively suppressed from being taught in schools, it is entirely possible such slam dunk evidence exists (see below for possibilities) and is either being misinterpreted as Dr. Walker suggests, or more likely, is being ignored as I suggest in the article, or actively suppressed.

Editor’s Note 9/23/2018

To be clear, the ichnofossil featured in the picture above is considered by many (on both sides) as a forgery. Even if so, that does not negate that such human/dino fossils likely exist. (For other examples see: Mt. Blanco – Footprint/Trace Fossils, Dinosaur Tracks Kenton, Oklahoma, and Fossil Footprints at Genesis Park.)

Though there’s disagreement on this particular one:
1. Some such fossils are likely genuine, and
2. Just as importantly – whether they ever agree on what’s genuine or not – that does not negate the main point – some secularists refuse to even look at the evidence. Others hide the evidence.

Note that at the bottom of the Genesis Park article, the writer points out Scientific American is hiding evidence (real photos of some of the tracks) – a point also made above.

Duane Caldwell | September 10,  2018 | printer friendly version

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All images used by permission

“The Alvis Delk Print” of an ichnofossil
of human tracks with Dinosaur Tracks  © Creation Evidence Museum of Texas, used by permission

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