Proxy Wars

Proxy War puppet master

“The Culture war that is a proxy war to the spiritual war.”

This is a recurring phrase in the below video of Seth Gruber giving a powerful pro-life message and explaining The White Rose Resistance. Gruber uses that recurring refrain (viewable, for example, at 26:42, 35:56, 1:05:11 among others) to describe how Satan’s strategy for deceiving people into killing babies has not changed over the millennia. And it got me to thinking of other proxy wars.

Proxy wars, though you may not have realized it, have become quite commonplace in these days, days that increasingly look like, “the beginning of birth pains.” (Matt 24.8)  But the proxy wars that I speak of, which are the subject of this article, are likely not the ones that immediately come to mind. Before going further perhaps I should define proxy war. A proxy war is a war against an opponent that you wish to destroy but the battles are fought through a proxy: the agency of a third party, entity or deceptive idea. Prosecuting goals and interests through a proxy war allows the aggressor the pretense of remaining uninvolved and detached without interest, involvement or stake in the war, though the opposite is actually the case.

Regarding the commonplace proxy wars mentioned above, I’m not referring to the proxy war that the U.S. is currently waging against Russia through the Ukraine. I’m also not referring to the proxy war China is waging against the U.S. through many means including developing and then intentionally spreading Covid-19 around the world, allowing infected people to travel freely around the world while tightly restricting movement in China. It’s also not about the proxy war Big Pharma is prosecuting through its proxies of well-established medical authorities which have become their puppets such as the FDA and the CDC against physicians supporting non-vaccine therapeutic treatments for Covid-19 and others sounding the alarm about mRNA vaccines.

No, in keeping with the refrain, the proxy wars I have in mind are proxies to spiritual warfare. The first that came to mind was the “Science vs. Religion” proxy war promoted by the spirit of anti-Christ against God’s teaching of the Creation. Creation vs. evolution is quite clearly not a struggle between science and religion. It’s a struggle of the false teaching and religion of Satan versus the true teaching and religion of God. Science is merely a proxy, used to disguise the enemy and the goal of the war. So while it may not be apparent, the “Science vs. Religion” ongoing battle is clearly a proxy war used by spiritual forces to set “itself up against the knowledge of God”. (2 Cor 10.5) In the video below, Gruber rightly points out that today’s culture wars – transgender nonsense, climate change alarmism, and over-population extremists – are really just proxy wars for the deeper spiritual war of Satan and his lies against God and His truth.

Of course the ultimate proxy war is that waged by Satan against God. Satan cannot harm God. He can’t do anything against God personally because God is, after all, God. Thus the only thing that Satan can do to hurt God is to hurt or kill what God loves – humans, the pinnacle of God’s creation. That is to say, to try to hurt God via a proxy. That is why “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Pet 5.8) This is also why Satan, the dragon (Rev 12.9), “… stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that he might devour her child the moment it was born.” (Rev 12.4) I believe this verse from the book of Revelation points to Satan’s attempt to kill the baby Jesus, the Messiah, at the moment of his birth. (Through his proxy Herod the Great he attempted to kill all the baby boys born at that time. (Matt 2.15)) Satan was no doubt trying to ruin God’s plan of redemption. If he could kill the Messiah before He could complete His mission, then all of God’s beloved, all of us redeemed sinners, would likewise perish and be cast in the Lake of Fire with Satan – where he knows he’s going. (Mt 25.41)

But of course God protected the baby Jesus, for “The woman fled into the desert to a place prepared for her by God…” (Rev 12.6) and so the gospel of Matthew relates the account of the escape of the holy family to Egypt. (Matt 2.13-20)

Thus having lost to God yet again, Satan is “…filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.” (Rev 12.12) And since Satan cannot harm God, he does the only thing he can do to try to strike back at God, which is strike at God through a proxy: to kill those God loves. Thus Satan has waged his proxy war with God through attacking humans since his first foray against humans in the Garden of Eden.

So the proxy wars are real. Satan wants to destroy you and every child. Don’t let him. Trust in the creator of all things, the Messiah. (John 1.3) Mothers, don’t kill your preborn children. Choose life! (Deut 30.19) For a much fuller history of Satan’s proxy war against God by attacking humans and particularly innocent babies, don’t miss the following message by Seth Gruber.

The White Rose Resistance – Guest Seth Gruber on
Real Life with Jack Hibbs[1]

Duane Caldwell | November 20, 2022 | Printer friendly version


1. Seth Gruber, “The White Rose Resistance”, video – YouTube,  11/13/2022


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