Are We Alone? Assessing Whistleblower tale of UFOs and Aliens

Whistleblower David Grusch, an alien representation that allegedly looks like the one seen by Jesse Marcel,

Whistleblower David Grusch, an alien representation that allegedly looks like the one seen by Jesse Marcel, “Project Blue Book” representation of Area 51 test craft

Regarding the import of the discovery of a mere microbe on a planet other than earth, Gentry Lee, former Chief Systems Engineer at NASA’s Jet propulsion Lab and narrator of the documentary “Are We Alone” stated “… it would be the biggest scientific discovery in history.”[1]

Now the claim is being made that not merely microbes but entire complex multi-cellular humanoid aliens in  space craft have come to earth, and have been doing so for at least 90 years. For such an earth shattering announcement, the media reaction has been a rather ho-hum, nothing special, business as usual type of response. A number of big name media outlets such as the New York Times and the Washington Post were offered the story but passed on publishing it.

The story I’m referring to is that of the “whistleblower” allegations made that the U.S. government has in its possession alien (as in not from earth) space craft and the (dead) bodies of the crew that piloted the alleged UFO – which the military now calls UAPs – Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon – to avoid the extra-terrestrial (ET) connotations inherent in “UFO.” I put whistleblower in quotes, because for reasons which I will describe below, I am confident the U.S. government does not have what is claimed in the allegations, so that makes me wonder what the “whistleblower” is up to. Is he being a good g-man and running a black op for the elites? Is he really blowing the whistle on the government? Or has he failed a confidence test the government put him through? Or is he possibly just a stooge for satan? I’ll give my conclusion below, but first let me give some background and remove the smoke and mirrors so we can clearly see what’s fact and what’s fiction and judge accordingly.

The WhistleBlower Allegations: UFOs and Aliens

Former US Intelligence Officer David Charles Grusch has submitted documents to the Inspector General of Intelligence Services of the United States under whistleblower protections which he claims prove the truth of his allegations that the U.S. has NHI (Non-Human-Intelligence) made space craft, dead NHI pilots, and he claims not only the existence of, but some success from a program to retrieve such craft. And all of this has been covered up and hidden from the American public for at least eighty years. You can see the outlines of the story from this news report that ran on Laura Ingraham’s June 5 show. (archive) He did an interview for NewsNation which they titled “We are not alone – The UFO Whistleblower speaks[2] which is where his quotes are sourced from.

The Reason for coming forward

At the beginning of the NewsNation interview, host Elizabeth Vargas states that NewsNation verified his credentials as a senior intelligence officer. During the interview he states he co-lead the UAP portfolio for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, and was invited to join the UAP task force. (Also verified.)  He had the clearance to be “read into” (i.e. the ability to briefed on, and given information concerning) any program, yet was denied access to being read into the “broad crash retrieval program.” He states there were also other programs he was not allowed to be read into.

Those rebuffs, plus the “unethical and immoral” disinformation program that has kept the American public in the dark about all of it, is what prompted him to come forward with his claims. He made the claims after he left his position in April 2023.

Assessment: Is Grusch Believable?

It appears Grusch believes what he is saying but there are a number of reasons to disbelieve what he’s claiming – that aliens exist and the U.S. Government has artifacts from them. Following are a number of reasons why what Grush claims is an impossibility.

1. Reality Check – Aliens cannot have evolved
The belief in the existence of aliens is grounded in the belief that Darwinian evolution is true. It is not true and the insurmountable problem of evolution – how is life started? How do you get life from lifelessness (abiogenesis), is simply ignored and not addressed. Abiogenesis has, of course, never been witnessed. Due to that and scores of other reasons we know evolution is impossible. Under the category of Evolution on this site ( you can read sixty articles with dozens and dozens of reasons why evolution is impossible. If you’d like something more concise, you can read my three part series “15 Reasons: Why Evolution has never happened.”[3] Here are Parts 1, 2 and 3. If aliens cannot evolve (and they can’t), then they do not exist to build space craft and journey to earth.

2. Theologically Unsupported

Some may counter, what if God created the aliens? While that’s possible – scriptures are in fact clear there are many fantastic and alien beings in the spiritual realm. But it appears equally clear from scripture there are no other physical beings other than on planet earth. There are a number of reasons why, and rather than go down that rabbit hole here, I’ll put it in a sidebar at the end and on a separate page.

3. Difficulty of Travel

CMI, in a chapter on (the non-existence of) extra-terrestrials points out the apparently insurmountable problem of the vast distances involved. To traverse such distances, you need an extremely fast space craft. We’re not talking man-made rocket fast which would require hundreds of thousands of years to reach the nearest star Proxima Centuri, we’re talking something that could move thousands of times faster – at a fraction of the speed of light. Even at one-tenth the speed of light, to travel that distance it would take 43 years. And at just one-tenth the speed of light the energy required to propel “a very small, 10 kg craft would need energy equivalent to all that generated in four days by the world’s largest hydroelectric power station.”[4]

Since some may imagine a currently unknown engine and power source capable of producing such speeds, the more persuasive limitation is the inevitable collusions with cosmic dust. The article continues:

Furthermore, in every cubic kilometer of space, there are an estimated 100,000 dust particles (made up of silicates and ice) weighing only a tenth of a gram. At such a velocity, colliding with even one of these tiny objects could destroy a space ship.”[5]

Thus the vast distances and the guaranteed collision with spaceship destroying cosmic dust make the journey a virtual impossibility for physical creatures. Aware of the difficulty of the distances involved, Grusch in his interview, talks about the possibility of the journey being made by beings existing in other dimensions with the ability to travel to ours. That is a possibility. In fact it is the solution I offered in my previous article on UFOs: “UFOs and USOs – Mystery Solved.” However I’m sure my application of the principle is different from Grusch’s. My article reveals the extra dimension to be the spiritual one, and the ETs as spiritual creatures, specifically demons. Grush is no doubt referencing physical beings since he claims physical space craft have been recovered along with physical bodies. I maintain that is an impossibility.

4. Lack of Communication

Perhaps the clearest indication that the UFOs in military and other videos are not the physical beings many believe them to be, is their clear lack or attempts at serious communication. Unlike the UFO in Close Encounters of the Third Kind the flying lights that are witnessed don’t appear to attempt communication.

Many believe crop circles are the work of aliens trying to communicate with humans. Crop circles have been appearing since the 1970’s in the UK, particularly near Wiltshire England; earlier (1678) if you include “The Mowing Devil” wood carving. Aside from the fact that there are confessed crop circle makers[6], the idea that aliens have been here and attempted to communicate unsuccessfully via crop circles for dozens of years is ludicrous. It is is truly inconceivable and illogical that creatures with the technology to traverse the vast distances of space to safely arrive at earth, being present on an alien planet, can think of no better means of communication than to leave unintelligible markings in fields. While there is a notable exception covered below, for the most part the UFOs do not attempt communication. Once their goal is understood, the reason contact is not necessary becomes clear.

Conclusion after Assessment – No ETs

As demonstrated above, you can approach this from many angles. But whether examined logically, scientifically or spiritually, the manifestations we see do not make sense to be originating from physical ET beings from a distant physical planet.

Why is the belief in ETs so strong?

Grusch is not the only one who has become convinced of the existence of extra-terrestrial aliens. According to the Pew Research Center, even before the 2021 government release of military assessment and videos, most Americans (65%) “say their best guess is that intelligent life exists on other planets” and “A smaller but still sizable share of the public (51%) says that UFOs reported by people in the military are likely evidence of intelligent life outside Earth”[7] Such wide spread belief did not materialize out of thin air. People are seeing something. The question is, is the evidence of what they’re seeing evidence of extra-terrestrial aliens and UFOs? Or is it evidence of something else? As I suggested above, most of these UFO sightings are manifestations of demons from the spiritual realm. Let’s take a look at why that is a better explanation than extra-terrestrial UFOs.

What does the Evidence Suggest?

The movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” has popularized three categories of interaction with UFOs which were invented by J. Allen Hynek, “a well-respected astronomer, defense researcher, and director of the Ohio State University’s McMillin Observatory”[8] who was tapped to be a researcher for Project Blue Book, the Air Force’s program for the investigation of UFOs. “From 1947 to 1969, a total of 12,618 sightings were reported to Project Blue Book. Of those, 701 remain ‘Unidentified’.”[9]

Hynek Classified sightings into Three Categories:

Sight – An Observation that leaves no physical evidence
Physical Evidence – A UFO leaves physical evidence such as burns on the ground
Contact – A person makes contact with a UFO or other life form

Others have added two more: type 4 – Abduction, and type 5: Communication, but I will leave those two subsumed under Contact.

Examine the Evidence yourself

Following below I have samples of each type of sighting.  It is my contention that the origin of the “unidentified” UFO sightings will fall into one of two categories:

UFO Origins – Two Types
1. Human Origins
These types of sightings are of man-made objects, often secret military projects that are lied about by the government to maintain secrecy.

2. Demonic Origin
These types of genuine, unexplained UFO phenomenon have at their origin demonic activity. As explained in my previous article, UFO researcher John Keel’s explanation is the best explanation for such type of UFO phenomenon that are not of human origin. His summary:

“The UFOs do not seem to exist as tangible, manufactured objects. They do not conform to the natural laws of our environment. They seem to be nothing more than transmogrifications tailoring themselves to our abilities to understand. The thousands of contacts with the entities indicate that they are liars and put-on artists. The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age old demonological phenomenon.” [10] (emphasis mine)
John Keel

Following are sample sightings where I categorize of the sighting type.

Type 1: Sighting
Origin type: When “unidentified”: Demonic

I put many examples of these types of  sightings in my previous article article: UFOs and USOs – Mystery Solved, including the three videos released by the U.S. Military. Here are links to the military videos again:

Gimbal” (Gimbal is the name of the fighter jet)
FLIR1” (FLIR is Forward Looking InfraRed – the technology used to capture the images)
GoFast” (It’s unclear what this name refers to) aka the “Tic tac” video

Following are two other sightings not including in the previous article:

The Phoenix lights

Dr Lynne Kitei gathers with others wishing to witness the Hale Bopp comet as it passed. Instead they were surprised with the famous Phoenix Lights UFO sighting. A documentary[11] segment explains what happens and displays the video she captured.

The Phoenix lights captured by Dr Lynne Ketei

Phoenix lights (still frame from video) captured by Dr Lynne Ketei 3/13/1997

Navy video: “Spherical” shaped UFO


These events are real enough to be captured on video. But as pointed out above, these UFOs appear to have no interest in communication, nor a desire to reveal who they are. As satan deceived Eve, concealing who he was, these entities conceal their true nature and identity as part of a greater deception described below.

Type 2: Physical Evidence
Origin Type: Human
Since, as explained above, ETs are not traversing space to get here, if there is physical evidence, it is left by humans. This of course excludes marks left on the body by demonic encounters (masquerading as aliens).

The Roswell incident is likely the most well known, most well documented claim of a UFO crash with alien craft and pilots being recovered. Before the government information control apparatus was put in place, the base commander, Col William Blanchard allowed a release to the press that a UFO had been captured. The Roswell Daily Record headline read, “RAAF (Roswell Army Air Field) Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region”. The military later changed the story, claiming what was found was a crashed weather balloon. Years later, the story was changed again, now claiming the debris found was part of a “Project Mogul” surveillance multi-balloon apparatus. “A mogul balloon was actually a series of weather balloons linked together in a 650 foot high chain, one hundred feet taller than the Washington monument.”[12] With regard to alleged aliens that were recovered at the site, in a 1994 press conference, the military claimed they were anthropomorphic test dummies used to study how to recover airmen from very high altitudes using a parachute.

There are many problems with the government’s story. With regard to the alleged aliens, the test dummy story was false on its face even to reporters at the press briefing. Two obvious problems: the program involving test dummies didn’t start until the 1950’s. The Roswell crash was 1947. Additionally, the test dummies were full size, not “little men” as they came to be known in Roswell based on alleged sightings.

With regard to the photo of Jesse Marcel posing with a weather balloon. Marcel later claimed that the picture does not depict what he found. Witnesses whom he showed the material to said the material would not wrinkle or stay crushed. If you tried to crinkle it up, it would spring right back to it’s original shape. That’s clearly not the case with the wrinkled weather balloon as depicted in this photo which the military used to support its case of a weather balloon.

Marcel in staged photo with weather balloon to support the military's story

Marcel with a weather balloon fragment – staged photo to support the military story.

With regard to the crash being that of a weather balloon or a Mogul balloon, the problem is that the evidence of the crash site doesn’t fit with a crash of those objects.  The person who discovered the crash site was rancher Mac Razzle. He described it as a huge debris field filled with metallic debris. After the nearby army base was notified, they dispatched Major Jesse Marcel to the site. Marcel claimed[13] the crash site was three quarters of a mile long and a couple hundred feet wide. Sheridan Cabot an intelligence office dispatched with Marcel contradicted that in a 1994 affidavit. But Cabot described the debris as small, like a weather balloon which could fit into one small box and put in the truck of a car. But that testimony is contradicted by the description of the mogul balloon that the military later claimed the debris was. Other witnesses state there was also a furrow dug into the crash site 200-300 feet long and 10 fee wide. Neither the crash of a simple weather balloon or of a Mogul balloon array fits the description of the large debris field that was attested to by multiple witnesses. Additionally there is testimony that radar operators picked up something on radar that disappeared from radar – as it would if it crashed.[14]

What Crashed at Roswell?

When you compare known crash sites of commercial aircraft to what Marcel described, it sounds like the Roswell crash is that of a very fast moving, heavier than a balloon, low flying vehicle crashing at a shallow angle to the ground – not a steep one. Compare the crash sites left by jets from different crash angles:

When a plane breaks up high up – like 20,000 feet – the debris is scattered over a wide area. The break up of an Airbus A-321 at well over 20,000 resulted in a  debris field that was 8 x 8 miles – 64 square miles. Much larger than the Roswell site. (Illustration [15])

When an aircraft comes straight down – or nearly so (80 degrees in this case for illustration purposes) – it will disintegrate on impact leaving a deep crater (20 feet deep in this case), and the aircraft  “destroyed beyond recognition”. Such was the fate of  an Airbus A310 in this incident. Here’s a picture of the crash scene.[16] Note that while the plane is destroyed and parts buried in the crater, it is not spread out nearly as wide as the 3/4 mile Roswell debris field. And there’s no mention of a crater in the Roswell crash.

A closer approximation to the Roswell crash site is this crash of an Airbus A300 on approach to landing. Since it is preparing to land it was relatively slow (perhaps around 130-140 knots), and the approach angle was shallow. After it hit, it slid 1400 feet (1/4 mile). View  the debris scene here.[17 ]

From the descriptions of the Roswell debris field, something was flying low, but very fast. It crashed at a flat angle as when landing – though it was not trying to land since it was moving very fast – fast enough to make parts disintegrate upon impact with the ground. Radar also confirms a physical object was there – and then disappeared – as they do when they’re too low to be detected. Something crashed at Roswell, but it wasn’t an alien spacecraft, and it certainly wasn’t a slow moving weather balloon or a mogul balloon. 

What was Happening at the Time? The Sherlock Holmes principle

The fictional detective Sherlock Holmes popularized a common statement of logic:
“Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the answer.”  We have eliminated the possibility that extra-terrestrial craft and pilots crashed in Roswell. That is not possible. What then did the witnesses see? Here is my speculation:

The year was 1947. The cold war was on. The U.S. was the only nuclear armed nation, and the bomb unit that was given charge over the nukes was the 509th stationed at Roswell. The U.S. was of course trying to stay ahead in the arms race. They were trying to go supersonic as witnessed by the fact that they achieved that goal with the Bell X-1 in October of 1947, shortly after the Roswell crash in July of 1947. They were also using test chimps for space flights – ahead of using human test pilots. The first acknowledged one being Albert in 1948, a rhesus monkey. If you put it all together, it does not seem unlikely that the U.S. was working on creating a high-speed unfamiliar looking aircraft which they were testing in secret. Not wanting to risk human pilots, they strapped in primates as they would later for space flights. The test vehicle with a primate in it crashed, and the primates, dressed as astronauts were mistaken for aliens.

The alien depicted above next to Grusch was supplied by Ronnie Marcel, third cousin of Jessie Marcel. Ronnie stated Jessie had drawn a picture of the alien he had seen and given it to his father, but his father had lost it. His father then came up with a picture that he said looked like the picture Jessie had drawn.[18] So the representation is not the actual drawing, its based on a second hand memory – a memory that could have been affected by the common depiction of aliens that’s rife in the U.S.

While I can’t say for sure this scenario is exactly what happened, using the Holmes principle, what was discovered cannot be ET aliens and ships. This at least has the benefit of being plausible.

Type 3: Contact
Origin Type: Demonic

The following graphic shows the classic progression of events of an “alien” encounter.[19] In such cases, the encounter is demonic.

Classic Abduction Syndrome: Capture, Examination, Conference, Tour, Journey, Theophany, Return, Aftermath

In light of many such accounts, contacts with aliens happen. But the “aliens” are not extra-terrestrials, they are lying, deceptive demons. Keep in mind their goal: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy” (John 10.10) Demons are like their leader satan: “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” (John 8:44)

Those who experience “abductions” are experiencing a real encounter – with a demon. Consider the following:

“One thing you have to understand in terms of traumatic experiences and how traumatic this is, is that the abduction phenomenon begins in infancy and goes to old age. And, in fact, that has turned out be true in virtually every case. In virtually every case that I’ve been able to look at.”[20]
Dr. David Jacobs
Dissertation: The UFO Controversy in America

“Now in 2007, I interviewed a man named Ray Boeche, and in 1991 he was approached by two U.S. department of Defense scientists who were working on a program to contact what they called NHEs or non-human entities. At first they thought they were dealing with extra-terrestrials. Over time, they found that it was almost as if a dark cloud had fallen on the project. People fell sick, some died, there were very strange runs of bad luck. And they came to believe that what they were dealing with was something literally demonic, but masquerading as extra-terrestrial. “ [21]
Nick Redferm

Additionally, there are many testimonies of those who were able to end their extra-terrestrial / demonic encounters and oppression by calling on the name of Jesus. If this were merely a physical world, and ETs were merely a physical phenomenon, why would the spiritual power of Jesus stop the lying and destruction of these entities?

What is the Purpose of the UFO Phenomenon?

This leads me to the point of the deception of these demons. I providentially came across this summary:

“Keep in mind, many of the people who will miss the Rapture are those who had “refused to love the truth that would have saved them” (2 Thess 2.12) As such, they are pre-wired to believe any alternate idea, especially one that seems to be validated by superior beings from another time and place. After decades of conditioning by films and stories about superheroes visiting earth from other galaxies, mankind will be convinced that has actually happened.”[22] (emphasis mine)

Need I say more about demons claiming to be superior being from another time and place?

This is similar to the conclusion reached by highly regarded UFO researcher Jacques Vallee. He considers UFO phenomenon, and statements made by entities claiming to be superior and from another place, as a conditioning process to alter human belief. The goal: to get you to reject foundational truths – God, his creation, and specifically his savior Jesus. And in so doing, to align yourself with those who will miss the rapture[23].  Such, will not only miss the rapture, but as pointed out above, also condemn themselves to share an eternity in hell with satan and his demons (Matt 25.41) because they refuse to accept and love the truth.  (2 Thess 2.12)  Don’t fall for satanic lies. Recognize UFOs and ETs for what they are: demonic manifestations trying to deceive and have nothing to do with them them. (Eph 5.11) Rather expose them and help others see the truth – thus snatching them from the fire. (Jude 1.23)

Final Assessment: David  Grusch

In his NewsNation interview, Grush was asked “What can you tell me about the Roswell craft?” His response, “Unfortunately those details were not approved for me to talk about right now.” Later in the interview when asked, “Even though you believe what you say is true, you haven’t been fed disinformation? It’s a common thing in intelligence for governments to mislead.” Indeed disinformation is common, particularly from this government. For you Trekkies out there, that scenario is essentially the plot of the Star Trek Next Generation episode “The Defector.” A Romulan intelligence agent is fed false information to see if he’ll bite and prove disloyal. (He does.) Grush’s answer:

“Uh huh. Yeah, I was really sensitive to that  fact. Was this some kind of ruse against me? Ah – am I being used in any kind of way? And I took about four years being very methodical before I filed my whistleblower complaint to be absolutely certain of these basic facts.” [24]

With his willingness to play by the playbook he’s been given, and his being oblivious to the nature of the phenomenon my assessment is he’s being used by both the government and the demons. No doubt this is all part of a grand deception, a grand illusion. With one deceiver (demons) manipulating and deceiving the next deceiver (the government or government agents like Grusch). Scripture records:

For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect–if that were possible.”
(Mark 13:22)


11 Then I saw another beast, coming out of the earth. He had two horns like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon. 12 He exercised all the authority of the first beast on his behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed. 13 And he performed great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men.
(Rev 13.11-13)

So What?

In seminary preaching classes they teach you to always give a practical application to the message. To point out why it’s important and what should be done about it. So what’s the point here?

The point is, great delusions are coming folks. The powers of darkness are trying to produce deceptions big enough that when false miracles from people or creatures claiming to be from above appear, you’ll be deceived into believing them. It’s all been foretold. I’m just reminding you. With increasing numbers of UFO sightings, and now this “whistleblower” complaint, it looks like part of the deception will involve supposed aliens. Don’t fall for the alien deceit. I warn you “in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes.” 2 Cor 2.11


Scripture is clear – there are no Extra-Terrestrial Aliens

2.1 God’s Dominion Charge to Adam (Mankind)
God gave his image bearers – Man and Woman dominion over all living creatures – birds of the air, fish of the sea, and everything that moves along the Ground. (Gen 1.26, 28). Man then names all the creatures (Gen 2.20) an act that symbolizes authority over the creatures. Man is clearly to have authority and dominion over all living creatures that God created. In the context of the creation narrative, God essentially shows Adam all the creatures over which he has dominion and allows him to name them. Clearly aliens are not included – though later we find man also has authority over angels (1 Cor 6.3, Ps 8.5)  (Note the Hebrew wording of Ps 8.5 – “You made him a little lower than אֱלֹהִים elohim – God. Man is a little lower than God, not angels as in the KJV or heavenly beings as the NIV has it. That is a clear reference to man’s superior position over angels).2.2 Earth was the only place formed to be inhabited
Ps 45.18 states:

“…he who fashioned and made the earth,
he who founded it;
he did not create it to be empty,
but formed it to be inhabited.”

God intentionally made earth to be inhabited – engineering into it all the fine tuning necessary to support life. When we look around at the earth and the universe, we see carefully designed fine tuning everywhere. The fine tuning needed to support a multitude of creatures is only placed on earth. Though scientists continually search, they have yet to find a planet even close to having the many qualities needed to support life.For those who deny design in the universe, creation by God, and his fine tuning of the universe, see this article on some of the many problems with the secular theory of cosmogeny – the Big Bang, and particularly this section on Fine Tuning where British cosmologist Martin Rees points out the problem of clearly apparent fine tuning in the universe. In the documentary “The Privileged Planet” astrobiologist Guillermo Gonzalez is one of a number of scientists who list and explain a few of the many needed finely tuned factors concerning a planet required to make it habitable. I list these finely tuned items below with a recommendation you view the entire DVD.[25]

2.3 ETs and the curse

Both Gen 3.14-17 and Rom 8.21-22 indicate that the effect of Adam’s sin extends not only to man but to all living creatures and the creation itself. The implication of that is that aliens on another planet would likewise be under the effects of sin and the curse. The problem for aliens however, is that God became man (John 1.14), born of a woman, born under the law to redeem men and woman under the law (Gal 4.4-5).  That’s a problem for aliens. They are not humans. They are not brothers of Jesus, and are not made holy by Jesus (Heb 2.11-12). Thus they would be under the curse of sin without being able to be redeemed like humans. That doesn’t sound like the type of judgment God would execute. You may point out that the angels also were not given a chance of salvation. True, but the fallen angels, following satan, rebelled directly against God with violence (Eze 28.16, Rev 12.7-9). Man nonviolently disobeyed God.  It is difficult to see how aliens could violently rebel directly against God in the same manner as the fallen angels did. So it’s difficult to see why they would suffer the same judgment as angels without a chance of redemption as humans have. But they would indeed suffer the same fate as fallen angels since they cannot be redeemed as humans can since they are not human.

2.4 No ETs in Scripture

Scripture describes many fantastic – unearthly beings – but they are all spiritual beings from the spiritual realm. There is no mention of physical beings from any location other than earth. Particularly significant is the fact that we see no physical ETs in the restored creation. You may say that’s to be expected, being (as we just discussed) under the same judgment as satan. But for the sake of argument, let’s suppose they escaped the curse. Wouldn’t we then expect to see them in heaven? But the fact of the matter is, there is no mention of them – anywhere. At the beginning of creation, in Gen 1.1 God speaks of everything in creation as “the heavens and earth” – a merism meaning everything. In Revelation 21, we have talk again of “the heaven and earth” but this time it is “a new heaven and a new earth.” (Rev 21.1) This combined with God’s statement “I am making everything new” (Rev 21.5) paints a clear picture that God is renewing and restoring his entire creation. And who do see in the new creation? God of course, and man (Rev 21.3) and angels (Rev 21.12). The apostle describes how the new city descends from heaven – God with it – and God lives with man in this newly created combined literal heaven on earth. (Rev 21.1-3) In this new dwelling place of God – God lives with humans from earth and angels from heaven. There is no mention of physical aliens from a place other than earth. We’re given some details of the city – it has markings on it that record the way God has worked in history with men – that is to say humans. There is a wall with 12 gates with the names of the 12 tribes of Israel in the city (Rev 21.12). There are 12 foundations with the name of the 12 apostles on them (Rev 21.14). And angels at the gates. (Rev 21.12) But there’s no mention of aliens from other planets joining in.

So we get glimpses of what the final eternal state looks like. The heavenly city is marked with the names of the people God worked with in history. We see God living with humans and all the beings – from heaven and earth – that he has worked with throughout Biblical history. But there is no mention of creatures from other planets. In Eph 2.13-20 the apostle Paul speaks of God bringing together those who are “far” and those who are “near” speaking of men – humans (v15). The purpose was to make one new “man” (v15) and reconcile that man to God (v16). Again, no talk of aliens. It seems abundantly clear that all God’s work has been focused on two places – his abode – called heaven, and earth where the pinnacle of his creation – man – lives. The only creatures we ever see in the Bible are either from the abode of God – the spiritual realm which would be angels – elect and fallen; or the abode of men in the physical realm: earth. From all God has revealed – and there is much, there is never a depiction of physical creatures from any physical place other than earth.


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A short list of the planetary requirements to host life:

 – Within the Galactic Habitable Zone
– Orbiting a Main Sequence G2 Dwarf star
– Protected by gas giant planets
– Within the circumstellar habitable zone
– Having a nearly circular orbit
– Oxygen-rich atmosphere
– Correct mass
– Orbited by a large moon
– Magnetic field
– Plate tectonics
– Proper ratio of liquid water and continents
– Being a terrestrial planet
– Moderate rate of rotation

This is a brief list. In his article Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God, (WSJ, 2014) Eric Metaxas indicates there are over 200 finely tuned factors required for a planet to support life


Featured – Composite by Duane Caldwell featuring: Whistleblower David Grusch, a recreation of the alien Jesse Marcel claims to have seen and draw; a Depiction of secret test air craft in a hangar in Area 51

Phoenix lights (still frame from video) captured by Dr Lynne Ketei 3/13/1997 featured on Mysteries At the Museum “…Phoenix Lights…”

Jesse Marcel with Weather Balloon Fragment featured on History’s Greatest Mysteries episodeRoswell The First Witness part 1:The Journal

Classic (Alien) Abduction Syndrome, ref from: Alien Intrusion, CMI


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Cowboy Bob Sorensen
11 months ago

Excellent material here, and I was convinced that Roswell was a series of mistakes but you changed my mind on that. Speaking of changed minds, it’s a long way from where I was before, using bad reasoning to insist that God created aliens. Today I am convinced that they are trans-dimensional demonic entities.