Q12 – Hasn’t evolution been proved? Why do Christians insist on believing Genesis is true?

Automobile Evolution

Darwinian evolution: the concept that undirected forces over time can take the most basic elements and turn them into complex objects with a specific purpose – no designer necessary. Does this make sense? Look at the above picture. It’s a German stamp showing an abbreviated picture of car evolution. A similar sequence type picture is used to illustrate Darwinian evolution (below). Does either prove evolution of their respective items?

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I hope it’s obvious that the German stamp does not depict evolution as Darwinists mean it and describe it. That should be obvious. Why? Because though the cars show an increasingly complex variation of the original item, each step in the process requires a designer. And in the case of a cars – multiple designers. But designers are verboten – forbidden by evolutionary theory. Everyone knows both those facts: that cars are designed, and evolution forbids designers. Thus cars don’t “evolve” as Darwinist mean it. Yet humans are much more complex than cars. Why is it not obvious to everyone that humans likewise require a designer? Or are you content to believe that cars evolve in complexity with no designer? The fact is, just as every part in your car is designed (you don’t think they put random objects in your car and expect them to work together, do you?). Likewise every part in your body is designed, as is every living thing that you observe. In fact, all life is complex beyond your imagination requiring complex parts that work together as a system. Such specified complexity and interoperability requires a designer. Keep that in mind as we look at the current questions.

This challenge is a two-fer question – one on evolution, and one on Genesis. The short answers are – hasn’t evolution been proved?  Yes, it’s been proved false many multiple times. We just did a brief demonstration on why evolution is obviously false. But since evolution is a faith commitment adherents refuse to recognize the science, morality, logic and other disciplines proving it wrong. Regarding the Bible, Christians insist on believing Genesis is true because Genesis is true. There’s an implication in this question that if evolution is true, Genesis must be false. That is an accurate observation, one that some church leaders have (unfortunately) not yet acknowledged – that evolution and Genesis present contradictory origin stories. But the conclusion “Genesis is false” is wrong because the premise “Evolution is true” is wrong. Evolution is not true. If you’re seriously asking these questions these answers may be a surprise to you so let me provide a further evidence to support these truths.

Evolution has been proved false multiple times

On the home page of this site the articles are categorized and the count for each category is listed. As of this writing, there are 62 articles on evolution – this article will make it 63 – and the most discussed types of evolution have been listed and written about as well. This indicates two things. 1: I’ve done a fair amount of research on this topic and know what I’m talking about. 2: If you want many (though not all) of the reasons that evolution is not true you can start with these articles. To get you started I’ve selected a few of the articles on this site to point out some of the more obvious reasons evolution is false.

Why evolution is false and recommended reading.

15 Reasons: Why evolution has never happened – Part 1

This article is the first in a three part series on why evolution is false. Each article contains five categories of items or evidences that demonstrate that evolution is false. This first article covers:

  • Origin of Life
    Darwinian purists will tell you that
    Darwin never tried to explain the origin life, which is true. However, evolution is more than Darwin’s theory. It’s a worldview. It’s an incomplete worldview because it cannot explain the origin of life. Furthermore, it will never be able to explain the origin of life because it denies the true origin of life: God.
  • Inability to Create Proteins
    Complex organisms are composed of cells. Cells cannot live and operate without proteins. Darwinian evolution cannot account for the origin of proteins. In fact, Darwinian evolution can’t even account for the amino acids that proteins are composed of.
  • Information in DNA
    DNA is the most complex information storage and retrieval mechanism in the universe. Evolution cannot account for the origin of that information or the ability to store and retrieve it. This is such a fatal flaw that some Darwinists deny the accepted science about this property of DNA and claim it’s only a collection of chemicals. (See here)
  • Body Designs
    Body designs are the overall structure of a creature. Example: Horse: 4 legs, horizontal large body, long neck; snout shaped head; Human: 2 legs, 2 arms, vertical body, short neck; Oval head; Birds: 2 legs, 2 wings, aerodynamic shaped body,  varying types of necks, comparatively small heads with beaks. Where do these various designs come from? To the best of scientific knowledge, it is not in DNA. This means that mutations cannot have had any effect in creating them. So where do body designs come from? Evolutionists have no answer.
  • The Existence of Irreducible Complexity in Living Organisms
    This is Michael Behe’s challenge which evolutionists cannot answer: What is the origin of the many irreducibly complex systems in living organisms? Examples: The Blood-clot cascade or the bacterial flagellum motor.

Lies my evolutionist told me

This is another article that covers multiple topics. Among other items it covers:

  • Early Atmosphere (Miller Urey experiment)
    I mentioned amino acids above, the complex chemical constructions that make up proteins. By means of their famous, but now debunked experiment,  scientists Stanley Miller and Harold Urey tried to prove that amino acids could be produced by non-biological processes. It is now clear the experiment failed miserably, and that fact is now widely recognized among scientists.
  • Evolutionists Follow the Evidence
    It’s clear evolutionist don’t follow the evidence because, if they did, they too would be proclaiming it is a dead, false theory.

Question Evolution Day 2022 – The Cambrian Explosion
Darwin insisted that the process of evolution was slow and gradual, but that’s not what the fossil record shows. The fossil record shows  complex creatures – including almost all body types – appearing suddenly in the Cambrian layer. Evolutionists have no answer for this.

Unmasking Mistakes in Memes of Evolution – Part 1 Evolution has never been observed
This is another multipart series with each article covering multiple topics. This series addresses a number of pro-evolution memes trying to debunk the evidences creationists present to demonstrate that evolution is false.  This debunks those pro-evolution memes. Topics covered in this article:

  • Evolution has never been observed
  • Speciation is not evolution
  • Evolution is not science
  • The origin of life
  • The origin of all matter

Evolution: Not Science, Pseudoscience
Evolutionists like to present Darwinian evolution as “science” and “fact”, but when you look at it, you find it’s actually pseudoscience, fitting the definition to a “T”.

Why do Christians insist on believing Genesis is true?

Genesis is neither myth nor mytho-history as I point out in the article “Creation, Craig and the myth of a ‘mytho-historical’ Genesis.” An analysis of the wording and structure of the critical first chapter in Genesis shows it was written as historical narrative.

Furthermore, Genesis makes statements about the origin of humans that have recently been confirmed by modern research on the human genome. You can read about it “The Gilgamesh Epic – A Problem for the Flood?” This article also covers a number of topics. To go specifically to this item, jump down to item 4: “Current Mitochondrial DNA Lineages”.

I could continue presenting evidences, but I could just as well ask, why do non-Christians (or anyone for that matter) doubt Genesis is true? In a court of law, you’re allowed to confront your accusers. This is a general accusation without specific evidence. What specific evidence is there that Genesis is not true? If an answer to the specific question you have isn’t found on this site, I’m sure I can point you to a resource with the answer to the question. That, of course, requires that you’re interested enough to provide a specific objection and the willingness to listen to the answer.


Key Principles:

  • Evolution is false, and there is overwhelming evidence to prove this. This is also recognized by increasing numbers of scientists. These scientists affirm their skepticism, and  you can see a few of them on the site “A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism
  • Genesis, like the rest of the Bible, is true from beginning to end. Many people who don’t want to be under the moral authority of a holy God hear false claims that certain parts aren’t true and parrot the line without doing any research on their own. If that description fits you, I challenge you to be honest and either ask specific questions that can be addressed, or just admit you simply don’t want to believe the Bible, so you don’t really care what the objections or answers are.
  • This started with the premise that evolution is true, so Genesis must be false. This article points out many evidences that demonstrate that evolution is false. Are you willing to accept the evidence and take the logical step and conclude that Genesis is true?

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Car Evolution © Matthias Zabanski | Dreamstime.com (used by permission)

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